Trabuxu is synonymous with exceptional quality; food, wine, service and ambience; incorporating the passion and promotion of art and culture into Malta’s capital city. Trabuxu is jointly run by me Kris Fenech Soler and my wife Krista. Early in 2002 we realised that Valletta needed a place that captured the charm and culture that Malta’s capital city offered but was only found by wandering the narrow streets and visiting the landmark buildings and architectural monuments. It was then that we opened Trabuxu. Following rave reviews and a growing loyal and eclectic clientele, the first wine bar in Malta has now become a landmark in itself. Eleven years on we have expanded the brand to include Trabuxu Bistro and Trabuxu Bedrooms (and Trabuxu Products coming soon); venues designed to accommodate local and international diners and a retreat for short-stay visitors who want to explore the city.